Assumptions About Cleaning Residential Chimneys

15 September 2021
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To allow the smoke from your fireplace to leave your home, it is necessary to have a chimney or flue in place. While this is one of the more durable parts of the fireplace system, it will need to undergo regular cleaning to keep it clear of obstructions.

Assumption #1: There Are No Benefits to Chimney Sweeping

Homeowners can be guilty of greatly underappreciating the importance of having their chimneys cleaned regularly. Without this type of work being done, the amount of smoke that can pass through it will greatly decrease, which can lead to the interior of the home developing large amounts of dangerous fumes. A chimney cleaning service will have the tools necessary to be able to remove these materials from the lining of the chimney so that the flow of air and smoke through it can be restored. Furthermore, a professional service can limit the mess that is made by this work so that your chimney can be cleaned without resulting in staining from the soot and ash.  

Assumption #2: Only Brick Chimneys Need to Be Cleaned

A traditional brick and mortar chimney can be one of the most common types for homes to have. However, many homes may have lower-profile flues. These will be as effective as chimneys, but they will be far smaller in their size. This can make it a popular option for those that have added a fireplace to the home after moving into it. As with a more traditional chimney, the flue itself will also need to be cleaned regularly. In fact, it may need to be cleaned more frequently due to its smaller size allowing obstructions to form more quickly.

Assumption #3: A Chimney Sweeping Service Will Be Very Expensive to Use 

A reason that a homeowner may neglect to have this vital maintenance work done for their fireplace will often be due to assuming that it can be an expensive type of work. Fortunately, chimney cleaning services are extremely affordable. Furthermore, they can save you from both potential health hazards along with secondary damages to the interior of the chimney. Over time, soot and ash can degrade the interior lining, but cleaning it can remove these substances before they cause this type of degradation. The small fee charged by chimney cleaning services can be worth the investment for avoiding these more damaging and costly problems in the future with your chimney.

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