Cleaning Your Sewer Line With Hydro Jetting Services

15 September 2021
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Sewer line maintenance is an important process to keep your home's plumbing system working effectively. A key step in maintaining this part of the plumbing is to have the sewer line cleaned with a high-pressure jet of water.

What Is The Purpose Of Sewer Jetting Services?

A major benefit of sewer jetting is that it will remove many of the obstructions that have formed in the pipes. This is due to the intense force of the jet of water, as it will break apart any obstructions so that the flow of water can resume. Ideally, this work should be done on a regular basis to remove any accumulations that gradually develop due to the walls of the sewer line becoming coated in sticky residue.

Are There Clogs That Sewer Jetting May Not Be Able To Remove?

A sewer jetting service can break apart the majority of the obstructions that form inside your pipes. However, there are limits to the obstructions that can be addressed purely with hydro jetting services. For example, roots can be particularly difficult for these services to address. While the jetting service can break apart some of the roots, there may be other tools that are needed to fully remove large roots in particular. Fortunately, sewer jetting services often have the cutting tools that are needed to break apart clogs that are unable to be addressed with the high-pressure jet of water.

What Do You Need To Do To Prepare Your Home For Sewer Jetting Work?

While sewer jetting services can offer your home substantial improvements in plumbing performance, the work itself will only cause minor disruptions for the home. This is due to the short amount of time that is needed to fully clean the sewer line using these services. For the average home, a sewer jetting service may only need a couple of hours to fully clean the line. The exact time the service will need can be determined by the particular type of clog or obstruction that is in the sewer line, as some will take longer than others to break apart and flush out of the line.

When there are obstructions in your sewer line, you may notice a substantial decrease in the ability of your home's drains to work, or the toilet may have difficulty flushing. Using a sewer jetting service to fully clean the interior of this part of your plumbing can eliminate these problems so the flow of water is restored.