3 Common Signs That You Need Slab Foundation Repair

17 September 2021
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Have your doors become sticky and harder to open or close? You could be looking at a deteriorating foundation. Some causes of slab foundation deterioration include poor soil compaction, soil substructure collapse, and excessive moisture. You need to call slab foundation repair services as soon as you identify any problem because foundation weaknesses threaten the structural integrity of the whole building. How can you tell your foundation is developing weaknesses?

Cracked Walls and Floors 

You will see cracks in the floor, walls, and sometimes the chimney when the foundation shifts. You might see vertical hairline cracks a few years after the foundation settles, but they should not widen with time. You might also see cracks where bricks meet the foundation. Again, these are harmless because the expanding bricks cause them.

You should be particularly concerned by wide horizontal cracks on the exterior sides of the walls because they signal undue pressure on the foundation's perimeter. Wide diagonal cracks in the interior side tell you there is significant movement in the foundation. Larger cracks as the sheetrock shears usually follow it. These cracks warrant slab foundation repair as soon as possible. 

Sticky Doors

Do you find it increasingly difficult to open some doors? It could be a sign the slab is pushing upwards. Foundation upheaval happens when excess moisture expands the soil upwards. This problem is commonly observed in areas with clay soils because of their high moisture retention.

Excessive Moisture could come from plumbing leaks, flooding, and frost. Pressure from the expanding soil forces the slab upwards, making doors harder to open. You should call a slab foundation repair service fast.

Sinking Foundation

A slanting house is a clear sign of a sinking foundation. This problem arises when there is an unusual foundation settling as the soil underneath shifts or collapses. Sometimes differences in moisture make different parts of the foundation settle at different rates. Poor soil compaction can also cause this problem because the soil will compact further under the weight of the house.

You will notice cracks on both sides of the wall. A sinking foundation can seriously undermine a building's structural integrity structure and cause collapse. It is imperative to do slab foundation repair as soon as possible. A slab foundation repair service can help you figure out ways to raise and support the slab.

Do you suspect your home's foundation has a problem? Call a slab foundation repair service to diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible.