Possible Reasons Why Your Water Well Pump Is Not Working At All

17 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

As someone who has a water well on their property and who might significantly rely on that well, you might be aware of just how important your water well pump is. Because of this, it's probably very important to you to keep your water well pump up and running. Unfortunately, you might have recently found that your water well pump is not working. This can be a very frustrating situation to be in, and it can be bad for your family because it can prevent everyone from having access to water. If you'd like to find out what's going on so that you can address the problem quickly, consider these possible reasons why your water well pump is not working at all.

There's an Electrical Issue

One of the most common reasons why water well pumps completely shut down out of nowhere is because there is some sort of electrical issue. There might be a problem with some of the wiring that provides power to your water well pump, or there might be a blown fuse. Typically, these problems are fairly fast and affordable to fix, but if you do not have any kind of electrical experience yourself, then you should not try to handle the job on your own. Instead, hire someone who performs well pump repairs and who has experience with electrical issues to come and check out the situation. Hopefully, they can come to resolve the problem for you so that your water well pump will once again have the electrical power that it needs to operate.

There's a Faulty Switch

Your water well pump is outfitted with a switch that tells the water well pump to turn off and on. If something goes wrong with this switch, it could lead to your well's pump not turning on at all. Luckily, this is a common part replacement that a professional should be able to help with.

Your Water Well Pump Needs to Be Replaced

In some cases, water well pumps simply stop working because they are worn out due to age, improper maintenance, or a combination of the two. When this happens, it might be costly to get the water well pump back in good repair, and you may have to worry about future repair issues, too. In this instance, completely replacing your water well pump will probably be a good idea. A professional can help you with choosing the right water well pump and can then install and test it for you so that you can once again make use of your water well.

To learn more, contact a well pump repair and maintenance service.