Custom Screen Enclosures To Create The Perfect Outdoor Environment And Extend Living Space

20 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Anyone that has ever considered building an outdoor living space on their property or remodeling an existing structure knows that one of the more important aspects of extending the outdoor living season is protecting your outdoor living space. Many homeowners choose to go all out and install a custom screen enclosure. These features are designed to keep insects out while still allowing you a full view of the outside world. The following custom screen enclosure guide will help you choose the right solutions for your project:

Advantages of Screen Enclosures

There are many advantages of installing a screen enclosure in your outdoor living space. Screen enclosures help protect against inclement weather while still providing easy access to the area being enclosed. The outdoor space they enclose is sheltered from rain and wind while allowing for natural light and protection from insects and birds in the warmer months. Lastly, they are an attractive addition to these spaces and add a focal point the enhances the appearance of your outdoor living space design.

Materials Used in Custom Screen Enclosures

There are many types of materials that can be used in screen enclosures. The best materials to use for the frame of a screen enclosure are aluminum and vinyl. The vinyl frames are affordable and lightweight, while aluminum will provide a more durable metal structure. When choosing the screen materials, you also have the option for features like a solar screen mesh, which can reduce exposure to harmful UV rays inside the enclosure.

Options to Consider for a Custom Screen Enclosure

There is a wide variety of options and factors to take into consideration when considering creating and designing an outdoor enclosure. Covered patios and other outside spaces differ in many ways, and custom patio enclosures can be designed to fit your unique needs. These structures can combine the function of a window with louvers, doors, panels, and screens to change outdoor space with ease.

Getting an Estimate for a Custom Screen Enclosure

There are great differences when it comes to the costs when you are getting estimates to build your screen enclosure. For example, an aluminum frame is going to cost more than a vinyl enclosure. In addition, extra costs for features like doors and functional windows can increase the costs of building an enclosure. Thus, you want to discuss the features and needs of your outdoor space with your enclosure service to determine what will be the best for your budget.

Screen enclosures are an extremely popular way to extend living space outside. Contact a screen enclosure service to get the right features added to your outdoor living space, like Wyatt's Contracting Services LLC.