Using Spray Foam To Improve Your Home's Insulation

22 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Insulating your building will present you with a range of options that you can consider. Spray foam insulation is one of the newer solutions that people can use for their buildings.

The Insulation Between Existing Walls Can Be Supplemented By Spray Foam

There are many instances where a homeowner may discover that their walls are insufficiently insulated. While they may appreciate the inefficiencies that this can cause, they may fail to take effective steps to address it due to assuming it will be hard to add insulation to existing walls. In reality, spray foam is an option that can make it possible to easily fill enclosed spaces with insulating foam by only cutting a small hole in the wall panel. This is due to the ability of this foam to greatly expand in volume once it has been sprayed.  

Foam Can Provide Superior Noise Reduction

Insulation is an important tool for reducing the amount of noise that is in your home. In this regard, spray foam insulation can provide you with better performance than traditional insulation. This is due to the fact that the spray foam will be much denser than traditional insulation. Furthermore, it will lack the small openings that can exist between the fibers of standard insulation. This benefit means it can be common to use this insulation in the walls for media rooms or other areas of the house where you will want to limit outside sounds causing disruptions. If this is one of the reasons that you are looking to supplement the insulation for your home, the noise reduction rating for the available spray foam products should be reviewed to make sure you find the right balance between noise reduction and cost.

Spray Foam Insulation Can Offer Protection Against Some Pests

Limiting the ability of pests to make it into your home can be important for reducing the risks of the house developing a significant rodent or insect problem in the future. Rodents can be capable of tunneling through traditional insulation, and they may even be attracted to it for nesting. Spray foam insulation will harden over time, and this will make it much harder for rodents or other pests to be able to penetrate into the house. This benefit can make it an effective strategy to apply spray foam insulation to the exterior walls of the home to act as a barrier to these pests. While this will not take the place of professional pest control services, it can help to supplement these efforts.