3 Things To Consider When Building A Development Bridge

23 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Bridges are typically massive structures that span large waterways, but a bridge can be any size. In fact, development bridges are a unique type of bridge used in remote areas where heavy trucks need to pass gaps or water features. Development bridges may be smaller in scale, but they must be every bit as strong as their larger counterparts. Here are three things to consider when building a development bridge that will service your timber, mining, or remote access roadway.

1. Weight Capacity

Many development bridges are constructed of wood rather than steel. A wood design helps to keep construction costs low, but it also means that you must be vigilant in monitoring the weight capacity of your bridge.

Take the time to evaluate the loaded weight of each truck in your fleet. Your development bridge should accommodate the heaviest truck, and provide some cushion to account for potential overloading of trucks in the future. By keeping weight capacity in mind during the design phase, you can avoid costly bridge collapses in the future.

2. Timeframe

Another important consideration you will want to make when you are constructing a development bridge is the build time. Companies that specialize in building development bridges can provide you with timeframe estimates for your project. These estimates can be used to help you secure the fastest construction company available.

Reducing the amount of time it takes to get a development bridge erected and functional will help you access resource-rich areas beyond the bridge a lot faster.

3. Shipping Costs

Shipping will have a direct impact on the total cost of any development bridge construction project. Since development bridges are primarily used in remote or underdeveloped areas, you may have to transport the materials required for bridge construction over a great distance.

As such, the total weight of your materials, the location of the incoming port, and the cost of fuel can all factor into the total shipping cost. Therefore, you must be sure that you are including shipping costs into the overall estimates you receive from development bridge builders.

When you need a bridge to accommodate your heavy equipment, a development bridge is a viable solution.

By considering shipping costs, construction timelines, and total weight capacity prior to construction, you will be sure to end up with a bridge that is capable of meeting your transportation needs. Contact a development bridge builder to learn more.