Keys for Restoration Companies Working With Estimate Writers

23 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Having a restoration business means going in and fixing up properties that need work. Before this can happen though, estimates must be gathered. Then relevant price information can be provided to clients. Your restoration business can accomplish these tasks by working with estimate writers, who will be easy to work with if these suggestions are considered. 

Make Sure Bottlenecks Are Avoided

When you go to a professional company to have estimates written out for clients that you're potentially offering restoration services to, you want to avoid bottlenecks. They often happen when estimate writing doesn't happen quickly.

Make sure you're working with estimate writers that can work quickly but still provide accurate estimates that guide both your company and clients that use your services. Timely estimates can keep bottlenecks at bay and that can make a huge difference with other aspects of your restoration company.

Use a Shared Communication Platform

Your restoration company may be big and continuing to grow. That means you're going to have a lot of estimates that need to be written that you can then hand back over to potential clients. Managing these estimates is a lot easier to do when you use a shared communication platform with the estimate writers you hire.

You can use this platform to provide relevant details on estimates you need to be performed, and can easily upload key information that will aid the estimate writers. It could be pictures, videos, and other data you've collected regarding property damage. Then the estimate writers can upload their estimates in this communication platform, which is where they'll stay for your company's benefit. 

Verify Damage Experience 

Before you start working with estimate writers, it's important to verify they have experience with damage that you need estimates on. It could be smoke damage, snow damage, fire damage, or water damage. Verifying this specialty damage experience will make a huge difference in how fast you can get written estimates back. That's going to help you better serve clients that are interested in your company's restoration services. You can give them estimates that are backed by professional assessments and insights.

To run a successful restoration business over the years, working with estimate writers is paramount. You'll succeed with this key relationship if you find skilled estimate writers and do things that ultimately make their job a lot easier to complete. Then your restoration business can fire on all cylinders. To learn more, contact Xactimate estimate writing services.