Why Calling a Roofing Contractor Can Be Wise (Even When Your Roof Isn’t Leaking)

25 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your roof is not leaking, the idea of calling a roofing contractor may, at first, seem a little bit strange. But like experts in other fields of construction, the advice and oversight offered by a roofing contractor can provide real value for homeowners. Especially for those who want to be proactive about caring for their house. If you are wondering how calling a roofing contractor could benefit your home and family, here are three convincing reasons to consider. 

Estimating Age and Condition ​

While most homeowners have a general idea about when their current roof was last installed or repaired, many forget that constant exposure to the elements can influence the speed at which shingles and some other roofing materials degrade. For example, roofs that are subjected to extreme heat, arid conditions, salt spray or excessive humidity can age much faster than those that are more sheltered from the elements. 

When homeowners request periodic roof inspections from a knowledgeable roofing contractor, they will be well-positioned to make repairs as they are needed. Instead of waiting for the problem to become larger and more expensive to deal with. In addition, the information gleaned from periodic roofing inspections will help homeowners understand how fast their roof is aging so they are better able to plan (and budget) for roof replacement. 

Checking and Replacing Flashing, Sealants, and Gaskets 

The flashing, sealants, and gasket materials commonly used on residential roofs typically have a shorter life span than shingles and other types of roofing materials. Common trouble spots are found around the bases of chimneys, flues, plumbing stacks, and antennas. There can also be problems at the location of seams where roofing materials come together. 

By having a roofing contractor check these areas on a regular basis, homeowners can help to ensure that worn or damaged flashing, sealants, and gaskets are replaced before potentially damaging leaks can form. 

Inspecting After Storm or Wind Damage​

Scheduling an inspection with a roofing contractor is also critically important whenever homeowners suspect that damage may have occurred from a storm. While storms that include hailstones are a common cause of roof damage, high winds and impacts from falling tree branches or debris can also damage roof surfaces and create the potential for leaks to form. 

Contacting a reputable roofing contractor to evaluate their roof after a storm or other potentially damaging event will help homeowners ensure that timely repairs or replacement needs are met. So their home and family are always protected from the elements.