Preparing To Have Your Home's Interior Painted

15 November 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The process of painting the interior of your home can be a major task, but the ability to radically update or improve the appearance of the home's interior can make this task an essential step for getting the look that you want for your house's interior rooms. Before you arrange for the interior to be painted, there are some steps that are needed to allow this project to go as smoothly as possible.

Remove Any Items From The Walls Ahead Of Time

One of the first things that you should do to prepare the interior to be painted is to remove any painting, pictures, mirrors, or other objects from the walls. If these items are not removed prior to the painting service arriving, they will have to take the time to remove these objects from the wall. This can lead to a delay in starting the painting process, and it may also contribute to additional preparation costs.  

Prepare Your Furniture

Another step that you may want to take prior to the interior painting work being done is to prepare and protect the furniture. This will limit the risk of paint accidentally staining these pieces of furniture. Luckily, this will typically only require the furniture items to be covered with a painting tarp. Some individuals may attempt to use a sheet or other thin fabric as a cover, but this may not be effective as the openings between the fabric's threads could allow the paint to pass through. In addition to covering these pieces of furniture, you should also pull the furniture away from the walls so that there will be enough space for the painters to be able to work on the wall without the furniture being in their way.

Use Fans And Other Devices To Improve Ventilation Once The Paint Has Dried

After the paint has been applied and given enough time to dry, improving the ventilation of the interior can help to dissipate any fumes and smells. In particular, you may want to use fans in the windows to actively cycle these smells out of the home. Furthermore, the filters for the HVAC system should be changed as they can absorb the smell of the paint. While fans and open windows will allow the paint smell to fade very quickly, you should wait to do this until the paint has fully dried. Otherwise, the paint may not dry correctly, which could compromise the results that you get from your home's new interior paint.

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