Maintaining Your Wood Floor

8 February 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The choice of wood flooring is an option that will be able to provide your home's interior with an attractive and durable option for your entire home. While wood flooring can be a durable option, there are several basic maintenance tasks that you will need to follow so that these floors will remain in good condition for as long as possible.

Avoid Mopping The Wood Floors

Mopping wood floors can be a serious mistake for a person to make. Exposing the floors to large amounts of water can cause damage in a variety of ways. For example, it could be possible for the moisture to cause the wood to swell from absorbing it. If this were to occur, the boards may no longer fit together, which could lead to bulging and other problems. Additionally, it can be possible for the moisture to seep into the wood which may cause black stains and other discoloration to develop.

Protect High-Traffic Areas From Scuffing And Other Wear

The areas of your home where people will walk through the most can experience extreme wear and tear as a result of this foot traffic. To prevent the hardwood flooring from becoming scuffed and worn in these areas, you can place rugs that will be able to protect the flooring from this type of extreme wear. If you decide to use rugs in these areas, the use of rug mats can be an important option for keeping them from shifting position as this could also damage the floor by scraping dirt and other debris against the wood.

Use Refinishing Services When The Flooring Suffers Surface Damage

After several years, the wood flooring may have suffered enough wear that its appearance has started to degrade. It is possible to correct this issue through the resurfacing process. This can restore your hardwood flooring to its original appearance without the need or expense of investing in removing the current flooring so that a new floor can be installed. After the resurfacing process, it is necessary for you to avoid using the floors until the finish that was applied to it has fully dried. Depending on the particular type of finish that was used and the local humidity, this may take up to several days to even a week. Once this process has finished, you will be able to start using the floors again and return any furniture or other items that were removed for this work to be completed. 

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