Where Do Termites Hide In Your Home?

7 September 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Termites can hide in many places inside your residence and damage your belongings. These insects may be quite smart, making it difficult to detect them. However, you might spot signs, such as their droppings and wings. That said, you will also want termite control services when you notice such issues. Here are areas in your living space where termites can hide. 


Your attic can be the ideal place for termites to hide because it's humid. In addition, this place is wooden, which termites feed on continuously. Also, if you store old newspapers or boxes in your attic, they can attract these pests. Besides, these insects love to feed on furniture. Therefore, with time, they can invade the rest of the house and damage your furniture. If you hear strange noises in your attic, contact an expert to inspect the cause. 


You are more likely to encounter termites in your basement if it is made of untreated wood or has hollow wedge walls. Besides, termites like secluded places like the basement. Additionally, this place can be an excellent hiding place since it's moist. Most importantly, there are tons of food sources in the basement. If you store papers and wooden items in your basement, termites can feed on them relentlessly.

Subterranean termites, for instance, can access your basement and create a home. They can build mud tubes for easy movement to and from food items.

Door and Window Frames

Dry wood termites can invade your window and door frames. These bugs can live inside these wooden materials and feast on them. With time, your door or window might become structurally weak. 

Typically, these termites can introduce moisture to wooden frames. As a result, your door or window can become stiff when you try to open them. Therefore, you might need an expert to exterminate the termites and prevent extra damage.

Foundation Wall

Cracks in your foundation can be hiding spots for termites. They can create tunnels in your foundation wall and ultimately destroy it. These bugs burrow through the gaps slowly and with time, they can invade your home, looking for food.

These critters can construct mud tubes and use them to access food. Once you spot termites on your foundation wall, you can notify the pest control experts. They can help get rid of these pests to avoid structural damage to your home.

Termites can hide in any of the above places in your residence. When left unaddressed, these pests can create a mess in your indoor space. For that, you should engage an expert as soon as you notice them. They will exterminate termites in your home effectively and safely.