3 Reasons To Build A Custom Home For Your Retirement Instead Of Buying An Existing One

23 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Moving during retirement is common, whether it's to escape to warmer weather, move closer to family, or find a smaller home that's more suitable for retirement living. While most retirees buy an existing home to live in during retirement, it can often be a better option to work with a new home-building contractor to create a custom home that exactly fits your needs. If you're planning a move during your retirement, read on to learn three reasons why building a new home is a great choice.

1. New Homes Support Aging in Place in Your Retirement

One of the best reasons to build a custom home for your retirement is that you can design it from the ground up for aging in place. If you ever develop mobility issues in the future, you'll know that you'll still be able to live in your new home without problems.

While some people choose to renovate their own homes to support aging in place, this isn't always possible depending on the layout of the house. For example, some older homes have narrow halls and doorways that make it very difficult to use a wheelchair inside the home — wheelchairs aren't able to make the sharp turns needed to navigate them. When you design a new home, you can give it an open floor plan that makes it easy to move around using a wheelchair, should you ever need one in the future.

2. New Homes Can Be Sized According to Your Needs

Designing a new home from scratch allows you to create one that's the perfect size for your needs. Living in a home that's larger than you truly need has several downsides. Large homes are harder to keep clean and they cost more to maintain. The extra unused space can also make a home feel uncomfortably empty. If you don't have any need for more than one bedroom or bathroom, you can design your new home that way from the outset when you choose to build a custom home to live in during retirement.

3. New Homes Come With Fewer Maintenance Issues

New homes are built with all-new appliances and materials, and they're also built according to modern building codes. Since everything is brand new, you're much less likely to encounter maintenance issues when you move into a new home. If you're tired of dealing with repairs and just want to relax in your retirement, then building a new home will most often be the best choice.

If you think that building a new home to live in during retirement is the best fit for you, contact a new home building contractor in the area you'd like to live in. A new home building contractor can connect you with an architect that can help you design your new home to perfectly meet your needs, and they can also help you find the perfect plot of land to build your new home on.