Improving Your Property By Installing Drain Tile

7 March 2023
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Maintaining a safe and healthy home is a top priority for homeowners. The foundation is one of the most critical components of any home. As a result, it must be in good condition to ensure the integrity of the entire structure.

What Is Exterior Drain Tile?

Exterior drain tile is a system installed around your home's foundation to collect excess water and direct it away from your foundation and basement walls. The system consists of a perforated pipe installed in a gravel bed and placed next to the foundation footing. The perforated pipe connects to a sump pump, which pumps the collected water away from the foundation.

 Are There Benefits Of Exterior Drain Tile?

There are many benefits to installing an exterior drain tile system around your home's foundation. In addition to transporting water away from the house, the drain tile can also reduce the risk of mold and mildew starting to grow in your house. The drain tile can even help improve your home's resale value.

Another benefit of exterior drain tile is that it can help prevent soil erosion around your home's foundation. Without an exterior drain tile system, water can accumulate around your foundation, which can cause the soil to erode over time. Soil erosion can cause your foundation to shift or settle. This could lead to significant damage to your home.

How To Install Exterior Drain Tile?

Installing an exterior drain tile system is a complicated procedure that requires the knowledge and expertise of a professional contractor. In addition to the labor involved with excavating the soil and installing the drains, it is also necessary to design this system to account for hills or low terrain.

After installing the exterior drain tile system, the contractor will cover the area with soil and restore the landscaping. Working with a professional contractor with experience installing exterior drain tile systems is crucial to ensure you get the results your home needs.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements for Exterior Drain Tile?

Regular maintenance and repair of your exterior drain tile system are crucial to ensure it functions correctly. In addition to regular maintenance, it is essential to ensure that the exterior drain tile system functions correctly during heavy rainstorms or other weather events. If you notice any water accumulating or damage to your foundation, the system should be inspected and cleaned immediately. Failing to take this step could cause your property to suffer severe flooding, which could require expensive repairs to restore.  

For more information about exterior drain tile, contact a local company.