How A Concrete Foundation Contractor Might Install A Foundation For Your Metal Building

22 March 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're building a garage or other outbuilding from a kit yourself, you may need a contractor to pour the concrete foundation. Even if you'll have the metal building company install your garage, you may still be responsible for having the foundation installed. Since the foundation is important for supporting the building and the weight of cars, you'll probably want a contractor to do the work. Here's an overview of the process.

Start With A Plan

Installing a concrete slab for a garage may be easier than installing a slab for a house, especially if there will be no load-bearing walls or plumbing in the garage. Still, you'll want to talk to the concrete foundation service about what you need and show them the building plans so they can create plans for the slab.

Grade The Land

The land has to be prepared for the slab. That includes clearing growth from the area and grading the soil so water drains away from your garage. The concrete foundation service may do this for you or ask you to have it done by a different contractor so the soil is ready for them to work when they arrive.

Start With Footings And The Frame

The contractor places a board frame around the edges of where the foundation will be. A frame is needed for concrete work to hold the concrete in place while it gets hard. The frame is removed after the concrete cures. The contractor also considers footings for the slab. Footings go deep into the soil to hold the foundation in place. The contractor builds footings according to the type of soil you have and the building that's being constructed. To install footings, the contractor digs holes in the ground along the perimeter of the foundation, adds rebar for stabilization, and pours concrete into the holes to provide support for the foundation. 

Build The Foundation Slab

The contractor may put gravel between the footings that are topped with sand. This is where the foundation will be poured. They may also add rebar or wire mesh to support the foundation. When the area is ready and the ground and frame are straight and level, concrete is poured into the frame.

If your garage is in a remote location, they can pump concrete to the area if the mixer truck can't get close enough. As the concrete is poured, it's spread around the frame so it can level out. The surface of the concrete might be roughed up with a broom so it isn't slick once it's cured.

Contact a local concrete foundation service to learn more.